Spanish Open Karate Championship 2020 отменен!

За два дня до старта международного турнира Spanish Open 2020 по киокушинкай, из-за распространения Коронавирусной инфекции и введенного в Испании карантина, соревнования были отменены.

Spanish Open Karate Championship 2020 отменен!

Некоторые команды, в том числе и российские бойцы уже прибыли в Испанию.

Организатор турнира шихан Даниель Лоренто поблагодарил всех поддержавших его турнир.

Dear Shihans, Senseis, Senpais, fighters and families


Until today, March 11 2020, I worked with my team of OYAMAS KARATE to realize, like every year the SPANISH OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020.

With enthusiasm and determination in order to get together great persons, great karatekas from all over the countries of our organization IKO. Without any doubt our family.

Unforunately Spanish autorities, just a few hours ago, decided act against CODV-19 propagation, forbidding any sport events in Spain.

I really hope that everybody will understand, specially the fighters, they are the beating heart of Sosai MAS OYAMAS.

I promise to keep working with the same enthusiasm and energy, tipically mine, in order to realice a new edition of SPANISH OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP, once everything will be back to normal.

I want to publicly thank:

— IKO CHINA team that, unfortunalty, had to abandon the competition since already several days.

— To my admired Shihan TSUTOMU WAKIUCHI, and all the italian team, from Spain we wish you all the strenght need to overcome this adversity.

— To my Friends from France for their unconditional help year by year (BC Legree, BC Bergel, Sensei Peretel, Sensei Djema, Sensei Cristian, Sensei Ludivine La Fuente, Sensei Marco, Sensei Alexander de la Haye, Sensei Marco, Senpai Papi) and many more that, surely, I am forgetting.

— To the young and brilliant hungarian team, lead by a Karate wedding, a big example (BC KOSZO and POLAK).

— To the russian big family, always helping in this event since the beginning. Giving, with its partecipation, an higher level to this competition. Thanks to área leaders (Shihan IPATOV, Shihan PUKAS, Shihan BELOV), for the unconditioned trust.

— To IKO Belgium, is not only friendship, they are family to me.

— I am speachless for the partecipation of latino-americans countries like COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, ARGENTINA, y COSTA RICA. With their humil resources thet travel and bring their flags with honors in Kyokushin competition. Thank you Sensei Alvaro Oviedo, thank you Sensei Emmanuel Ruarte.

— To DOJOS in Polonia thar were going to partecioate in this edition (Bushi team y el equipo del BC Rafal Tomala) and for the one that partecipeted in the past ones.

— Thanks to all the BC of Moldavia (Traian Velixar), Israel (Ronen Katz), Holanda (Bolek Stefanow), Bielorrusia (Vasili Maksimau), United Kingdom (our sky start Sensei Orlando), y Ucrania (Bliznyuk Stalisnav) for their trust in us.

— Thanks to Kancho Matsui and Shihan Gorai for the tryst that we receive, year after year, that allow Spain to organize such a big sport event.

— I also want to thank all my Friends from IKO Spain for their collaboration, to our national team and to all spanish fighters that on day will be part of it.

— Last but not least I want to thank my student from OYAMAS Karate school, they are always next to me, sustain and help in all my projects.

I wish and hope that we will all meet to the next Spanish Open edition so to thank all of you personally.

Shihan Daniel Lorente


Андрей Куртий